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Join the Ethical Marketing Group

"Show Your Commitment to Honest & Fair Marketing"

Join the Ethical Marketing Group to show the world you believe that fair business is good business.​

We offer four ways for you to show your customers and prospects your commitment to fair marketing practice, ranging from free voluntary compliance to our basic, approved and certified ​memberships, each level providing greater assurance in your brand's trustworthiness.


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Show your support of ethical marketing by voluntarily adopting the Code of Practice.

Email Newsletter

Badge for Website

Monthly webinars



Add a listing on this website that confirms your statement of compliance.

  • Listing page on this website
  • Access to member-only forum (from 2016)
  • Annual online conference

Only $19/month

Or save an
ADDITIONAL 1/3 with an annual subscription: $149/year


Show your customers that you're serious about ethical marketing!

  • Your brand or website listed in the Ethical Marketing Group Directory
  • BASIC compliance validation by our consultants (covers one website + one mailing list)

Only $299/month 

1/3 with an
annual subscription: $1499/year


Make the most powerful statement of commitment, backed up by the Ethical Marketing Group's consultants.

  • ADVANCED proactive compliance validation by our consultants (multiple websites, campaigns and mailing lists)
  • Advertising for your campaigns across the EMG website.
  • Monthly marketing mastermind sessions.

Only $1249/month

1/3 with an
annual subscription: $9950/year

Details on the Membership Levels

Supporter (FREE)

  • You are free to adopt the EMG Code of Practice (COP) voluntarily. Simply grab any of the Supporter badges, and add them to your website, email templates, etc. and link to the COP.
  • This will tell your prospects and customers that you are committed to following ethical marketing practices, although it will be clear that the EMG does not endorse your business in any way.
  • Please also join our mailing list, so that we can keep you updated - particularly when we make changes to the COP.

Basic Member

  • Basic Membership gives your brand its own listing on this website (see Members link in the bottom navigation).
  • As a Member, you will be entitled to use different badges, which will link directly to your Member listing, showing the world that you are part of the EMG and committed to its goals.
  • Visitors to your listing page will be able to review the COP, and they will be told that, if they believe your marketing practices do not comply with the COP, they may send details to the EMG and our consultants will do their best to resolve the issue with you.
  • From 2016, we will also be providing a private forum, only for EMG members, where you can discuss marketing ethics and get support from other Members and our consultants.
  • All Members will also get access to the EMG's annual online conference, and any other online events we put on, at no charge.

Approved Member

  • Tell the world you are serious about ethical marketing with Approved Membership.
  • Each ​Approved Member is assigned an EMG consultant, who will periodically review your website, ads, and email list (usually limited to one website and one mailing list) to help ensure your marketing complies with the Code of Practice.
  • If we find any issues, we will make every effort to resolve them in a positive way.
  • As long as your marketing is compliant, your EMG listing will assure your prospects and customers that you are an Approved Ethical Marketing Group Member.
  • As an Approved Member, you also get listed in the EMG directory, which helps consumers browse to find the most trustworthy vendors.

Certified Member

  • For the ultimate sign that customers can trust you, we provide Certified Membership.
  • As a Certified Member, every month you are entitled to ten hours of direct support from our team of EMG consultants. In addition to verifying your compliance with the Code of Practice, our consultants can advise on best marketing practice, and even deliver hands-on support with your marketing, such as strategy, brand positioning, and copywriting. (Unused consulting hours will be rolled over to the next month.)
  • We can offer a range of additional services, such as interviewing your customers for the purposes of validating your sales process and also to generate powerful testimonials.
  • Choose this option if you offer multiple websites and email lists and if you frequently run new campaigns.
  • Because of the proactive consulting we provide, we are able to certify to the world that your brand's marketing complies to the best ethical practices, thereby assuring your prospects and customers that they can deal with confidence.
  • In addition, all Certified Members are invited to run advertisements on the EMG website (including the directory etc.) to help promote your current offers to our website visitors. These will be displayed on a rotation basis.
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