Case Study: Frequency of Communication

passHere’s a good example of how to set a visitor’s expectations about frequency of communication.

It comes from, which is an excellent resource in its own right.

Here, the call to action is simply a newsletter sign-up, but the principle should apply to purchases and anywhere else where we request contact information (including email, phone, mailing address or any other channel).

In addition to confirming that a subscriber may unsubscribe at any time, the GoodUI guys are totally transparent about what will happen next: 5 good emails then maybe 2-4 more per month.

Plus, the polite “No, Thanks” button offers a one-click mechanism to make the call to action area scroll away. (Isn’t that nicer than the manipulative “No thanks, I’m happy being a complete chump!” links that some marketers use?)


Could it be improved?

  • We would recommend moving the text above the submit button.
  • Also, it would be great to add reassurance that the subscriber’s information will never be shared or sold.