EMG Consulting Team

The Ethical Consulting Group has a team of consultants in multiple countries. Our team continually develops the Code of Practice and supports our members to deliver marketing campaigns that are both ethical and effective.

Ben Hunt (UK)

Ben is the founder of the Ethical Marketing Group and heads up the consulting team. Ben is a passionate advocate of ethics in marketing, and also created the Open Source Marketing Project in 2015.​

Rob Drummond (UK)

Rob is an email copywriter and Infusionsoft expert. He believes that marketing should create a real, true connection between your business and your target audience.

Veit Schenk (Germany)

Veit is a highly experienced marketer and sales & marketing coach, based in Germany (fluent in English and German). His main focus is "selling without being salesy."

Bjørn Marius Narjord (Norway)

Bjørn is an experienced digital marketer and an Open Source Marketing practitioner. He believes brave entrepreneurs and small businesses deserve the best marketing services they can get.

Brian McFarlane (Canada)

Brian is a social strategist who's focused on "social selling" and helping smart sales and marketing teams grow their business in a ethical and authentic way.

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