The Ethical Marketing Group stands for honest, open, and fair marketing.

We believe you don’t have to cheat or lie in order to sell. On the contrary! Treating customers right is the best way to build a sustainable business.

The Ethical Marketing Group is a worldwide community-led social enterprise that promotes the practice of marketing with honesty, transparency, and integrity.

We do this by…

  1. Developing a public Code of Practice (COP).
    • All marketers are invited to subscribe to the COP.
    • It sets out a number of principles and commitments that the community has agreed reflect the way we choose to do business.
    • Note: “Marketers” may include anyone who promotes products, services, ideas, or causes via any media.
  2. Providing a range of services to support marketers to deliver their marketing in a way that is both compliant and effective.
  3. Hosting a directory of approved and certified ethical marketers, to enable prospects to validate a marketer’s commitment to ethical practice.
  4. Providing channels to enable prospects and buyers to query any marketer’s performance against the COP, and systems that seek to resolve any queries or disputes.
  5. Offer a range of free resources on ethical marketing practice, which will include courses, online and real-world events.
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