The Ethical Marketing Group

The online marketing landscape often seems to be a lawless frontier land, where no one can be trusted.

A couple of decades ago, we had familiar brands we could trust. Today, practically anyone can sell online, so buying goods and services can often feel risky.

Unlike real-world commerce, the online marketplace has never had an agreed set of practices designed to enable consumers to buy with confidence.

…until now

Now, those of us who believe in doing business the right way — in honesty, fairness, and integrity — are coming together to offer the world an alternative.

The Ethical Marketing Group provides a Code of Practice that supports vendors and service providers to market in a truthful, honest, and fair way. This is simply a set of commitments that the community has agreed to follow.

Everyone is free to adopt the Code of Practice voluntarily.

Online Vendors

Show your customers that you’re committed to marketing with fair & honest tactics. It’s free!

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